Core Keeper Wiki


Server config can be found in the ServerConfig.json file, whose location varies by OS and installation.

The server config is available even for local games that are not using a dedicated server, in case a user wishes to change setting via text, copy their settings to another computer, or access certain server-specific settings such as the seasonal event override

Base Game[]


/AppData/LocalLow/Pugstorm/Core Keeper/Steam/[Game ID]/ServerConfig.json


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Dedicated Server[]


/AppData/LocalLow/Pugstorm/Core Keeper/DedicatedServer/ServerConfig.json


Ubuntu 22.04: /home/steam/.config/unity3d/Pugstorm/Core Keeper/DedicatedServer/ServerConfig.json


Core Keeper server config is a standard JSON dictionary.

A typical ServerConfig.json:

   "gameId": "",
   "world": 0,
   "worldName": "Core Keeper",
   "worldSeed": 0,
   "maxNumberPlayers": 100,
   "maxNumberPacketsSentPerFrame": 1,
   "networkSendRate": 30,
   "worldMode": 0,
   "seasonOverride": -1

Server Options[]

Server Options
Setting Description Key Possible Values
Game ID The connection ID for the game. Used by clients to join a multiplayer session. gameId
World world
World Name The name of the world, or default world name when none is provided, for local games worldName Any Unicode string
Max Players the maximum number of players who can be connected to the server simultaneously maxNumberPlayers 1 - 100
Network Packet Limit The maximum number of network packets that can be sent per frame maxNumberPacketsSentPerFrame
Network Send Rate networkSendRate
World Mode worldMode
Seasonal Event Override Option to force seasonal events even without the correct date seasonOverride None: -1
Easter: 1
Halloween: 2
Christmas: 3
Valentines: 4
Anniversary: 5
Cherry Blossom Festival: 6